15 Months and counting

Quick update from LT’s 15 month appointment on Friday.

Weight: 22lbs 3.5oz(20%)
Height: 31 inches(48%)
Head: 18.75 inches(63%)
*read: tall skinny bobblehead

  • He has at least 3 molars coming in. Joy.
  • He is right on schedule…even a little advanced considering he already likes to hit when frustrated…yippee right?!
  • He is trying to say moon and daddy is teaching him the sign for please.
  • We just learned that he enjoys stealing all the paper towels out of the holder at school when they aren’t looking and run around the room giggling. The aggravation gene is strong with this one.
  • He gets angry if he doesn’t get his way and will protest by lying on the floor and kicking.
  • He likes to go down the stairs like a big boy.
  • He loves outside.
  • He has learned the buffering symbol on Apple TV means Blue’s Clues or the Backyardigans are coming and gets so excited. Cute cute

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