Landon’s Book of the Week – Baseball A B C

This week’s installment is about my new favorite obsession…Baseball ABC. Each page is a letter of the alphabet and baseball terms to go along. I like to pick out all the balls on all the pages. Mommy and Daddy find this obsession strange, it seems. There are no real sentences or rhymes. But I just love it. I could read about “headfirst slides” and “pitching machines” all day. Sometimes, when mommy is running my bath, I go get this book and sit in between the chair and ottoman to just look at the pictures. Maybe this means I will play baseball when I get older. That would be fun….though I don’t know if Grandmommy could contain herself.

Anyways, I really like this book but somehow it has disappeared lately. That’s odd. Maybe I will find it soon….it still gets 4 out of 5 cheerios!

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