18 months

Deep in thought


Yup 2 weeks late but that is just the way it is. We had LT’s 18 month appointment on the 11th. He is doing great. Flirting it up with the Dr. and nurses. He can convey up to 30 words(including signs), throw a ball, multitasking and imitates everything we do. Now for the stats:

Weight: 23lbs 4oz in the 15th percentile. This was low due to the tummy bug from the week before. I am sure he has made it up now since he has been eating like a trucker.

Height: 32 inches in the 45th percentile.

Head: 18.75 inches in the 55th percentile.

He is super fun now.  His laugh is awesome. His temper is quite impressive.  He loves for daddy to make him ‘fly’, dance with mommy and Beyonce on the radio.  He can give fist pounds and make a peace sign.  He is one cool dude and we love him all over.

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