Boat loads of energy and eating like a trucker

I took this video on my phone weeks ago.  It was a rare occasion where he kept being cute after I started the camera.  I love this video and watch it a lot on my phone.  It really is representative of how fun a toddler he has become. This is an awesome age and every week he transforms even more.

Childlike Wonder

Like this week, we (including his teachers) have been working on talking through tantrums. Before now, it was a pipe dream but it seems to really help. They got 2 diaper change melt downs talked down with simple logic. “Landon, we are going to change your diaper now and then put on your coat. Once that is done, we can go outside and play.” He looks at you listening so hard and says “yeah”. Now it isn’t full proof of course, but it is doing wonders.

He has had so much energy lately that we will be playing at night and not even realize it is time for bathtime! He just runs around, plays by himself, wants to wrestle, jump on us, play with Jack. You name it! I know it is always a phase but we don’t have the melt down evenings all the time like people talk about. Of course there are bad days, but usually he is so fun. It has been so nice to leave hectic work and not want to even think of anything but him until bedtime. We have kept the same general bedtime routine since 4 months old and I accredit it all to that. He knows what is coming and we don’t deviate. Bath, diaper, jammies, books and night night. He now might not go to sleep right away but he goes around the crib and gets all his animals and talks and snuggles with them. It is fantasticly adorable.

Can easily eat 3 bowls of this in a sitting...

For anyone keeping up with his eating phases, we are in a good one. He is being much more helpful with getting ready for dinner by picking out his plate(we made a cabinet just for him) and bib. Sometimes he helps choose food from the fridge. His love for parmesan cheese (or shake cheese as he calls it) is hysterical. He will eat a variety of stuff just if you sprinkle it with that cheese. We even caught him this morning trying to lick the container. Whatever gets you to eat kid! He is still choosey sometimes but is getting good and telling us when he is done by holding out his plate. He can say some food names so that is helping when he wants something else. Miss Krista said he is working really hard at school with his spoon on all his foods and we see it here too. We have even introduced a fork for meats and such. His favorite foods at the moment are plain pasta (I am talking like 2 adult servings), mac and cheese, blueberries, apricots, peanut butter crackers, cucumbers and shake cheese :). Many meals are accompanied with 2-3 servings of things and he drinks a ton of milk. You can see him leaving the high chair with an extreme gut most days. I am living it up until the next phase of throwing it at my head again….

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