Catherine’s Bachelorette Weekend

O Peoria

Well over the weekend of Feb 18th, I packed up my bags and left the boys to their own devices. I traveled to Peoria, IL to party it up for Catherine’s bachelorette party. I am trying to get over the terrible travel experience and focus on the fun we had there, so all I will say is that I was very happy for the other ladies who traveled with me throughout all the ordeals. I would have been a basket case without them. We made the best of what we had.

We got in late Friday night and just hung out. Our gracious host, Stephanie, cooked dinner for us and we just chatted and played some Wii. Saturday we hung around Catherine’s house and went for mani-pedis in the afternoon. It was nice, relaxing and much needed after the travel ordeals. Saturday night more girls came over for games and drinks. We did the TP wedding dress game where the to-be-sister-in-laws thought they would jab at us NC folk with their rendition of a “typical NC bride”. Enter Rachel….

If only she was a teenager

Yeah..that’s right. Pregnant, drinking, smoking and a halter top. Priceless

We then headed out on the “town” for dinner at Basta’s (a yummy pasta place). I made the mistake of getting this insanity:

Dear Lord

Supposedly you got a t shirt if you ate it.  It was strange because there wasn’t an option to get it smaller and it was the same price as all the other dishes.  Weird.  Needless to say, I didn’t win a Man vs Food challenge that night.

Next we went out to a bar called “Sully’s” where we got the “VIP” booth off the dance floor.  We were hot shit.  Now this was the best people watching I have ever encountered.  In most club/bars, there is a “type” of cliental.  Not here.  This was a true melting pot of America.  At one point, I said “my night will be made if I see someone pregnant on the dance floor”.  I saw two.  It was fantastic.  There were snooki poofs, dude’s with pony tails, dudes with spiky gelled hair on top to only reveal the awesome bald spot in the back, men with escorts(i swear…there was no other explanation), cougars in mom-jeans and even a giant local woman referred to as “big mama”, who apparently works at the local Panera, breaking it the fuck down.  I was so bummed I didn’t have my video camera.  It was epic.  Also?  This place didn’t close until 4 am.  Are these people insane?  I was falling asleep in said VIP booth.  It was pitiful I know.  I think the night could be summarized in my off hand comment while watching this spectacle “Was there a clearance sale at wet sale or is it just me?”

Sunday came way too early and lots of scrambling to make sure we could actually get home.  For the record, Delta can go to hell and die for all I care.  So we finally got home around 9:30 and I vow to never fly to the midwest again.  Catherine?  You hear this?  Never.  Move back home….now

P.S.  The boys did great without me.  LT went to 2 parks with Daddy and took awesome naps.  I never worried for a second 🙂

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