Mini-Post Monday – Toddler on the move

See that determination?

We spent the weekend at the river for Easter this year. My mom came and Kevin parents met us down there. This was the first time we have been since Thanksgiving and a good bit different. Now that Landon is very mobile and VERY set in his ways, we were everywhere. Swinging, running, wagon rides, throwing the ball for one of the many dog dogs on the river shore. Funny enough, all dogs are either Jack Jack or Scout Girl. They can’t have other names. We visited other family members and watched plenty of Choo Choos.
I got a whole futon to myself because I refuse to sleep in the same room as that kid. Ever since infancy, I have crazy anxiety sleeping in the same room with worry he will wake up in the middle of the night and see me. Makes me jumpy just typing that.
Landon got his Easter basket on Sunday with a shiny new Thomas, eggs and a new Sesame Street book. He had a great time hunting eggs. I was surprised but he seemed to enjoy it! Every picture I have is all serious…he. is. egg hunter.  Don’t mess around…

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