30 Day Shred = Meh?

Not gonna lie. I didn’t do it everyday. Now to recall, I wasn’t planning on it either. I was using it as a catalyst to not have an excuse to be lazy. I did workout more in this 30 days and only a few of those were running, so in my eyes, mission accomplished.

I think my biggest breakthrough was how to get more with my time. I squeezed in more workouts than I would have without the videos available. I would even break them up and say do the strength parts while I waited for my pilates class to start. I could justify the 20 minute video while Landon ate dinner. I even resorted to doing it from the laptop while he watched an episode of Thomas. Everybody wins!! Other things I did along the way: squats during Landon’s bath time and we worked on counting, ran around campus at work to the gym and did the strength and abs portion from my iPhone, watched it on the iPad at the river and used make shift weights since I forgot mine, and did planks while playing in the floor with the boys. Every little bit helps.

Now for the critique of the videos themselves. Overall, great workout. My major complaints are a) no triceps b) could be too much work on the muscle groups everyday if you are doing higher weights c) not enough abs d) fucking jumping jacks. So no triceps…kind of a problem. I swapped them in some days for front flys. I guess you could also do more of a Pilates pushup but my wrists don’t allow me. The muscle thing may be a little old school but I didn’t think doing the same moves everyday was good for muscles. Hence muscle confusion workouts. I would recommend alternating levels every other day if you are ready. If anything, you won’t have to listen to her same yap everyday. As for abs, I guess the point is you have 20 minutes but some of the exercises in level 2 could benefit from more core strength…I think. Then there are the jumping jacks. God do I hate them. First off, no matter what that crazy person says, not everyone should do them. It is TERRIBLE on your joints!! But that isn’t why I can’t. Ya see, 20 months ago, my child wrecked my ‘undercarriage’ and jumping with both feet makes me have to pee no matter how many times I have gone. Half my marathon training was just to gettin that shit in check but I don’t think I will ever fully recover. So fuck you jumping jacks. This lady will be the one doing a high knee jog.

So the results? You decide:

Need tan…

Weight: 113 lbs
Hips: 33.5 in but it seems my butt is perkier (-.5)
Thigh: 19 in (-1)
Belly: 31 in (-1)
Lower Arm: 8 in
Upper Arm: 10 in (+.5)

I like that I can see some progress. I feel better in my clothes. I don’t feel ‘blech’ naked as much and so, therefore, sexier. I also have been thrift shopping for new clothes that hug me more and make me feel cuter. I think I will keep the videos in my repertoire and get to the gym more. I feel so great getting my workout done at lunch and soon I will be in the building next to the gym…and the cafe. Hmmm….

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