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Ever meet a couple that you were like “these guys are just like us”? They get the same references.  The same level of sarcasm. Shared humor. They can take a joke.  Make you laugh. Make you cry. Yeah those. Well Kevin and I have met such people….and we have never seen them in person. Meet the Steeles


I first started following Jason on twitter by chance.  I can’t even remember how. He has made me laugh, helped me with coding stuff, recommended awesomesauce jams, and is just plain fun. I soon started to follow Denise, his adorable wifey. We all shared jokes and stabs at each other.  Then Kevin joined in the fun and we all have had big group hugs and fist bumps(see arrested development jokes and nerdy banter). I never have wanted to go to Oregon before…until these guys.

So I know what you are thinking, ‘what’s up with the twitter crush? Crazy much?’ Well I am not on here to just gush over the Steeles but make you aware of their situation.  You can read it all here and here, so I will summarize. Jason and Denise met online, fell in loves and got married. Before their first anniversary, Jason was stricken with testicular cancer and had to have surgery.  This was devastating to say the least personally and financially. They made it through and recently closed on their first house together and wanted to start a family.  Then they ran some tests on Jason and as luck would have it, he was infertile.  They have processed all this and now are wanting to adopt a bouncing baby…but with cancer treatments and mortgage payments, they need some help.  So I will have a handy dandy widget right over —-> thurr to donate to their cause. If everyone donated a dollar and passed this along, just think what could happen? So I ask you for little: a dollar, a retweet, a FB post, a simple moment of your time to help this awesome couple. As Landon would say ‘Peas?’

Donate here!

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