Mini-Post Monday – 5K

Finished .2 sec apart!

Last Wednesday was National Employee Health and Fitness Day.  Here at SAS, we make it big.  There is a health fair for vendors and on site services.  You can talk to the nutrionist and the health care folks(yeah we have them all on staff). There is a raffle(which I got a prize but I don’t know what it is yet!), seeing eye dog trainers, coupons, and more! Anyway, there is also an annual 5K around campus at lunch time.  This was my first 5K when I started running 4 years ago.  I had just started to run a little when it came up then.  I remember I ran the whole thing but I was slow.  It took me like 38 minutes.  I would also like to mention that campus is SUPER hilly. Like freakin mountains. Well I can show some improvement….Wednesday, I did the race in 29: 25!  And that is on no training…I have been running maybe once a week since the half.  So to me, this is pretty dang impressive.  I was 15th fastest woman! So yippee!

Special shout out to Jen for letting me finish with her.  I think she was being nice 🙂

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