Sharing is caring – a tale of toddler manners

Playtime with new friends

Warning: I am gonna brag about the aweseomeness of my kid.  Hold on to your hat.  It’s about to get sappy up in here.

Y’all, the boy is sharing…and using manners. He says ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’…maybe out of order but he is getting it. He even adds the signs for emphasis. If he has more than one of something when with friends, he hands the other over…without anyone asking.  Here is sharing the bread for the ducks with Harrison

Feeding ducks is awesome!

He shares crayons at school and even his snacks.

I loves me some raisins and pretzels

He is even showing signs of empathy with friends.  Bless those daycare teachers.  I know they have been working with them on this.  When one is sad, they encourage them to take them a toy or their lovey.  When Landon sees another friend upset, you can tell he is listening and thinking.  He just stops and looks.  We can fake cry and he will come and give us a kiss or hug. When we were at the park, Harrison fell down and was upset (reasonably so…he had a unknown fracture!), Landon just stopped and looked.  I told him that he was sad and that he should cheer him up.  He stood there for a minute while I said maybe a hug would be nice but he ran over to my bag and got a tissue and took it to Harrison.  Y’all…I am getting a cavity just thinking about it.  It was so nice and completely his idea.


epitome of cute

When he drops food on accident, he says ‘uh oh’ and points to the trash can. He gets tissues for himself to blow his nose and takes them to the trash can. The language barrier is coming down and he can tell us what he wants.  Now he may not still get it…and he will throw an epic tantrum…but he can tell us!  He can tell us when something hurts, when he is hungry, thirsty, wants bubbles, choo choos, or to go outside. We are in a fun stage of toddler life and I am soaking it all in.


Hey cutie



P.S. I know I am cursing myself and his head will spin around after he gets up from his 3 HOUR NAP AFTER WAKING AT 9!!!!

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  • May 15, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    You just can’t hide CUTENESS!


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