More Cowbell?

So this has been a crazy weekend. Landon woke up on Friday morning, just not himself. He wasn’t fussy but not his usual chipper self. We took him to school thinking he was just tired. They called around lunch to tell us that he had spiked a fever, refused to eat lunch, and got his blankey to nap…at noon. We went and picked him up and headed home thinking teeth. He is getting the 4 canines at 1 time and has been loving some teethers. Once we got home, nap was a struggle. We got him down but he just rolled around not sleeping. Kevin got him and he was blazing hot. We got a ped appointment and waited. When Kevin got there, he was at 103 and counting. They doped him on motrin and tylenol and waited for it to come down. They even gave him an ice pop! It finally started coming down and they came home with a regimen of fever reducers and liquids. We struggled through dinner and then he went down just fine. Hour later…SCREAMING like he was stabbed. Kevin went to check on him and he seemed delusional saying he wanted milk and mumbling. Kevin finally asked him to lie down, and he did. We are guessing it was a night terror. Hour later, more crying but he went back on his own. He then spent the rest of the night kinda restless but until 8:45ish.

Unfortunately, it was the weekend Grandma JuJu was coming to visit. I feel so bad he was feeling so crummy. Mom and I did go out to the North Hills Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning for some yummy treats and fresh produce. We came back to play with LT and have some lunch. Nap time took a turn for the weird. He went down at 1 per usual just fine…30 min later, crying and calling Mama and Daddy. We talked and rocked and he laid back down. 30 more min, he is up and saying he is hungry. We go to the high chair for some pretzels and he is glazed over. Doesn’t eat, doesn’t want to play, doesn’t want to watch Cars. I just told him he was tried and we were going back to nap. I sing him 1 verse of lullaby and I get the routine kiss and he heads for the crib and is out for another 2 hours. Strange. We then had a nice meal from the grill and all ate together outside on the deck. He slept through the night with a little earlier wake up with another fever. Sigh

Sunday brought a trip to the great grandparents…and with it, a fussy ass baby. Didn’t want to eat, be put down, anything. We fought him to finally take a nap and 3.5 hours later…he finally woke up. Still fever…still fussy. He is in bed now with a good dose of Mortin and his trains. Hope Monday brings a better day for little boo :(.

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