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Today’s edition of Things I Love is about my super fab camera bag. Enter, Jo Totes. I found out about them through Ariana over at Becoming Mom. Check out her post for a video tour of the bag too (read: I’m lazy)! I saw the bag and knew I had to have it. It is a great price point, it can fit a lot of stuff, and, um hello, it is ADORABLE. I was due to get a new lens at Christmas and only plan to get more over time. My Nikon bag was bursting at the seams, so I asked K for this for Christmas and on Christmas morning, there it was in all it’s clementine glory!
Now while it is super versatile and easy to configure for a camera, it is great as a general everything bag too. I take this on play dates by usually taking out the charger, extra cables, flashes and maybe a lens. With that room, I can carry snacks, diapers, toys, keys, my phone, my wallet, etc. Forget diaper bag! I have also used this as a carry on purse to Illinois. I needed the camera anyway, so I just aligned it so I could use it as a purse too. It has been to work, the park, airplanes, dinner out, you name it. I am always getting compliments on my ‘purse’.
The material is great and can easily be wiped off. I am with Ariana though that my only complaint is there is no sleeve for papers on the side. That would make it PERFECT. I am forever wanting to carry a piece of paper or even the iPad.
So dads, husbands, ladies with some extra spending cash, go get one!


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