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For baby espionage

Welcome to another installement of things I love.  This one is for the mommies and daddies out there and the soon-to-bes as well.  I bring you, the Lorex Live Snap Video Monitor. We have gone through the rounds with baby monitors.  Think of us as your own consumer reports.  We started off with the angelcare (read about it in my survival guide here).  I still contend it was fantastic and we will probably use it with the Lorex for the next kiddo. The breathing monitor was a Godsend when we turned into horrible parents and let LT sleep on his tummy. Once he was super mobile, we decommissioned that thing because it was going off all the time when he stood on the edge of the mattress. Around that time, I won a raffle and got a gift card for $200 and we decided to get a video monitor.  We got the Summer Day and Night from Babies R Us.  It worked fine.  Only issue we had was that we kept the TV downstairs and the signal made it make a crackle every minute or so.  We got used to it but it was annoying. We didn’t have video in the bedroom, so if we wanted to see him at night, we had to go downstairs.  Then one day we got notice via the Amazon Deal of the Day that the Lorex video monitor was on sale some ridiculous amount.  We bit the bullet and paid the hefty price tag.  It was a great decision. Would have paid full price.

So here is the rundown of awesome about this thing:

* It’s color in the daytime – not important really…just a feature. You can’t tell if it is blood or pee in the dark.  Only thing I can note from experience 🙂

* The monitor is handheld – it is rechargable in the nice docking station.  The video only comes on when you want it to or you can set it to come on when there is sound. Otherwise it can just be sound to save battery. Also because the camera and monitor are so small…you could easily take traveling.

* It can support up to 4 cameras – we already ordered an extra for the next kid.  You can tile the cameras on the screen or rotate through them.  Very handy. This could also be great for years to come…hell doggy cam for that matter.

* It is made by a security company.  They don’t make baby stuff…this is it.  I feel like the signals are secure to keep out creepers.  Though at this point, staring at him with his butt in the air isn’t that groundbreaking.

* You can take photos with it.  It holds a SD card and you can get snapshots.  I have never used this but could be neat.

* The signal is excellent. It never has static.

* BEST FEATURE YET: you can talk back to him.  There is an intercom in it.  This is nice for when one is doing bedtime and needs to ask something or, the best use yet, Kevin can talk him back to sleep.  We have had multiple occasions of LT getting up a little early and standing in the crib.  Kevin can just say “Landon, can you lie back down please?” and he does it!  Once he went back to sleep for like 2 hours!Sometimes you can sing 1 song and OUT.  He never has to see us and get upset we aren’t picking him up. This would have been GREAT in the early days. Man I wish we had it soooo bad.

Now the overarching love here is the video at all.  I wish we would have had a video feed in the early days.  1 for new mom/dad paranoia and 2 to know when NOT to go in.  So many times I would go in for a cry that could probably be self-soothed but he saw/heard me and it was over.  I had to pick him up to console him.  Later on, we decided on crying it out and it worked out but I think we would have gotten to sleeping through the night way earlier with video.

So go now…get that bad boy.  You won’t regret it.

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