The Devil’s Magic

K and I are always discussing things in our world that work just a little too well or just work in general even though it doesn’t make any sense.  We are engineers people! Hell I have programmed microprocessors with binary (and I was pretty swell at it if I do say so myself). Computers are magical, but they make sense. It’s when you start fucking with physics that you trip me the hell out. We need to know why and how things work but sometimes, we believe it is just the devil’s work.  So take for instance, this tweet from yesterday:

Devil's Magic

Science is trippy.  It’s true.  We live right near RDU airport.  We pass under planes daily where we can read the numbers off the bottom (really!). Said planes seem to be moving slower than the car. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN? We were talking about how we could hit the one yesterday with a rock…no joke.  But for real, how the hell does that giant ass piece of metal just lift and fly? It never ceases to amaze us. My 2 year old can’t get both feet off the ground together with a working brain and yet this beast just gracefully floats…or as JP said:

And that is from AEROSPACE engineer!

Anyways, we are constantly adding to the devil’s magic list.  Other things

  • Afrin – That stuff works TOO well. AND you can get crazy addicted to the stuff…add another tally for the devil.
  • Magic erasers – See..magic in the name.  I haven’t met a person who hasn’t fell in love with magic erasers. Thanks Mr. clean for selling your bald soul.

I think these are the things that sent Mr. Wizard to his grave.

What do you find to be the devil’s magic? Besides customer service reps of course….


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