2nd Birthday Part 1

Ummmm sugar

Let’s just say it, I’m a planner. I have been giddy over this 2nd birthday for awhile now. Because it was such a big deal and I took so many pictures, I am breaking it into 3 posts with the grand bash coming last. First off, I took Friday off we prep for the party and then I went to daycare to hand out popsicles. Thank goodness for a summer birthday. The cupcake situation at daycare is that you have to basically get them made by 1 place in town for peanut, gluten, etc free. I was already paying mega bucks for the cupcakes for the party, so FUCK THAT NOISE. $3 box of popsicles! Each kid could have 2!!! As one lady said, I looked like a treat boss. If that ain’t winning, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, have I mentioned I LOVE this age? I LOVE daycare. The teachers are the best, he is learning so much and the other kids can just make my day. So I got there a little after they had woken up. Hearing “more please” and “thank you” from those littles babes is enough to make your abdomen burst from ovary production. They LOVED the popsicles. Even little Declan got the hang of it after I held it for him for a bit. I got to play with them all and snuggle. I even got to witness potty time which was freakin hilarious. Visiting daycare never gets old….

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