Things I Love – Bitsy Bake Cupcakes

Note: Yeah there is a little overlap here from the birthday party but I can’t seem to express my happiness enough.

Bitsy Bakes is a small little cupcake business run by Miss Amanda Gadd here in the Triangle area. I fortunately knew of Amanda from work (yeah she has a day job too!) I learned last year that she gets booked up the hard way. This year, I contacted her early. I NEEDED her talent for the Yo Gabba Gabba extravaganza. I told her what I thought would be fun and she did the rest. I already had others that raved about her but I had never eaten one until the party. So not only are they Food Network worthy looking…they taste like what I imagine unicorns plus rainbows would taste like. Everything is perfect with the order too. Great communication (even with my Type A ass), willing to work with a budget and come up with cheaper ways to do something, she can deliver, everything is marketed well, itemized bill, and the list goes on. Got some time to kill? Go visit her gallery. You won’t be sorry. Thanks again Amanda…you rocked the socks off a happy little 2 year old…and his mommy.

party in my tummy

One thought on “Things I Love – Bitsy Bake Cupcakes

  • August 25, 2011 at 7:06 am

    So there was a party in your tummy and Bitsy Bakes was invited?

    And those cupcakes do look pretty dang ridiculous. Futurama themed cupcakes? Yes please.


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