A Pinterest Mash Up Toddler Art Project

I got my Pinterest on last week. Landon finally moved up to the 2s class and while we are so excited, we are gonna miss Miss Krista and Miss Melissa something fierce. They were the extra mamas a parent wishes for. Snuggles, teaching and boundless energy helped me feel completely happy and excited to leave him everyday. We love you ladies and we haz a sad we had to leave.

With our departure, I used that teacher gifts board I was filling on Pinterest. I am in love with this idea:


Basic idea: Take a canvas, put down some stickers for text and then let the kid paint. Peel stickers off. Voila!

Materials: We did finger paint on small 8×10 canvas boards I already had. I put on scrapbooking stickers I found at a discount store with Landon’s name in the corner.

I feel a Michael's trip in your future

Then I stripped LT to his diaper and put his table in the middle of the kitchen with plates of paint. He was freaking stoked. He LOVES art. Watching him decide what colors he wants and his mixing was fascinating in itself. He was very determined. It was super fun.

Get yo paintin on kid



One word of caution, I needed better stickers. The paint bled a little bit into the word. It actually looked kinda neat but I think if I was doing it for the house, I would want crisp white letters. When I do my set for the house, I will need to come up with something else.

Next up was just a simple and useful idea for anyone. Reusable plastic cups from amazon and a giant box of crystal light mix ins. Put mix ins in cup. Done.


So personal and useful for low cost and a fun afternoon for a toddler. I say win win win!

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