My kid, the talker

I think the kid got my genes.  For the last couple of weeks, he has been non-stop.  He wakes up chattering and usually gabs himself to sleep at night. We have full sentences (“Mama, I like it!), expressing his feelings(“I excited!”) and singing.  The other day he picked up one of my old smart phones and was saying “hey it Landon. :mumble” Josh. Yup. Bye”  He had it pinched between him cheek and ear and everything.  It was priceless. we really have to watch what we say. He will repeat everything. He tells us all to “sit” and “color”. He is even playing with Jack and forcibly saying “leave it” for the ball…and Jack does. It is mommy heaven. Here we have a chatty session about his trains:

He even loves to make videos for people.  This is always a bathtime request.  The other night I was sitting by the tub and he grabs my hand and says “Mama. Phone. Picture?” Me: “You wanna make a video?” LT: “Yup”.  He always wants to make the first video to his distant video pen pal he has never met, Ryann.  They have skyped and trade off sending videos.  It is quite possibly the youngest commercial for eHarmony.  Here is a recent outake from his video. (Today is Ryann’s birthday…he wanted to tell her Happy Birthday).

With all this chattin, Kevin sure has his hands full…I mean ears full.

One thought on “My kid, the talker

  • September 12, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Isaac won’t stop talking either, though I bet it’s nice to hear a kid talk who you can actually, you know, understand rather than just hearing squeals.


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