Well slap my caboose and call me Percy

…Or another novelty trick to feeding a toddler.

does she really think this is gonna last?

Last week I went to Landon’s daycare curriculum night and K was left to toddler dinner duty. In our parenting journey, there are few jobs that are mommy vs daddy. Mealtime is one. I am fine with that. He mows the grass and takes out shitty diapers. I win. Anyways, daddy was in charge. I walked in the door mid meal not knowing what to expect. Maybe it was a good day or a day where you want to throw your hands up and let him eat goldfish and frozen blueberries. Alas I walked into a little boy eating his mashed potatoes and asking for more green beans. What the what? K had come up with a genius idea to let Landon name each bite a different train. 1 piece of hot dog and mashed potatoes was Thomas. Carrots were Emily. Green beans were Percy(of course). 2 hot dog pieces were Gordon. Pure.Genius. I thought it was a one time deal…but we have stretched it out now over multiple meals. Tonight he was saying all done even though I knew he wasn’t. He just wanted to play. I held up the fork with a green bean and said “who is this train?”. PERCY!! And he opened up like a baby bird. Shazam! Score one for the Mann clan!

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