Happy Halloween!

Well I figure between the internet and my mother, I need to post photos. We had a party at work with contests and mini cupcakes. I have said it before but MAN I love our new building. One hallway did a “pumpkin guts” walk through, I had an office full of snakes and my co worker left plastic cockroaches in the breakroom this morning. Another coworker rocked it out with a full Tony Stark office setup complete with hand-drawn prototype sketches on the windows and a digital photo of himself. šŸ™‚ He won 3rd place in the costume contest.

Since I adorned my office with plastic snakes, I then decided it was only fitting to be Medusa. I weaved them in my hair and up my fish nets. I got a lot of looks. Not sure if it was the snakes…or fish nets at a major corporation :).

Yeah my blacks don't match. You weren't lookin at that anyway šŸ˜‰

And yes I went to the gym with this hair.
And yes I went to the gym with this hair.
3 bobby pins total
It was amazing how long it took for people to notice them. WTF?
Varicose veins ain't got nothin on me

Then there was LT…I had planned on making him a muno costume but about 3 cuts into felt, I was like “fuck it”. Glad I did too. He didn’t care. It rained so we couldn’t go trick or treating…so this worked fine. Bob the Builder. All I bought was the hat from the dollar section at Target and the clearance plaid shirt. All reusable. Boom.

Can he fix it? YES HE CAN...but probably break something
Where's Spud? I got a hammer to show him.
Yup folks...only took 3 raisins for these shots. WIN!

Thanks to Dawn for my photos. They look great!

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