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MB fam
Photo courtesy of Katherine Klegin Photography

First off, I apologize for putting this post off for so long. I have been in love with Modern Bird Studios for over a year. I got my first piece in January and even repainted a room around it. Thats how amazeballs it is. The best part? The people who make it go. Meet Megan and Gregg (and Sage and Phoenix). The lovely couple behind the venture. Wanna read more about their story? Go here but needless to say, they are a couple I hope to meet one day…without a doubt. So basic concept around their work is they take your photograph and recreate on wood or acrylic with paint and abstract shapes (very basic overview…read more here). The number of colors and layers is up to you. I even got more than I asked for and I thank them greatly for it! Gregg’s eye for this artform is outstanding and I never get tired of looking at the photos in their Facebook gallery. He also does some local street art pieces and shows. Check those out here.

I have to say the hardest part of this piece was coming up with the photograph. I have, ahem, a few. The photo I chose was this one. It was one of the first shots I took with my new f/1.8 prime. I love how his 1 eye is in focus and the other is blurry along with with the tree lights.

I then emailed it to Gregg and he sent me mock ups with different colors. I wasn’t shooting for a specific shade…so I let him work the magic. I chose the neutral so I could put it most places over time. Even with that, I painted our bedroom to coordinate because I wanted to showcase it so much!

A little closer up…

I LOVE it. It was better than I could have even imagined. I want more of them to adorn my house. Like this sectioned piece! And speaking of, I am in their Annual photography contest over on Facebook.  Wanna go vote for me?  Cuz that would be awesomesauce.

I really encourage you to go check out their album on Facebook. It is fun to see all the different pieces they have done. They would make a great grandparent gift or even a gift to your spouse for Christmas. You will need to keep up with the blog/Facebook/Twitter for the cut off but it is currently Dec. 1st for all Christmas orders.

What’s that? You like the style but need something for your kids? They have that too. Enter…Mod Tots. The new children’s line they started in January. They have paintings, prints, and shirts! Landon has a robot shirt that is a little big just yet but it is incredibly adorable. Great for baby gifts, spoiling grandchildren and just general bad assery at daycares. Monsters, cake, animals, robots…and soon…DINOSAURS!!!! You will even Landon’s buds have some named after them. Like Harrison the Fox and his cyber friend Ryann the Duck!


Ah ok.  You want something for you.  Something that makes you laugh.  Something for your office perhaps. BOOM.  Meet Yankee Hipster.  Prints designed to appeal to the hipster in all of us :).  You know Pinterest is gonna be covered in these in no time.  This is the most recent venture by the team.  Just this month!  So head over and check that shiz out, Yo.


So there ya go. My love fest with Modern Bird Studios (and Mod Tots and Yankee Hipster) knows no bounds. Also if you are looking for a fun couple to follow on Twitter, they take the cake. Follow Gregg’s lame ass at @the_lame_sauce and the beautiful Megan over at @modern_bird and @mod_tots.

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