How To Start Running

This week on Liberating Working Moms I am talking about getting started running. It doesn’t have to be scary…or if that helps, just picture yourself running from zombies.  Heck there is even a race for that.

“For me, running is the best workout.  Not from a sweat and blood mentality, but a time and balance one.  I can fit a run in my day much easier than most workouts. I get time to myself or I can use it to socialize with friends. I get to listen to my music that’s not Fresh Beat Band. And most importantly, I feel powerful in all my roles: Woman, Wife, Mama, Working Gal. So let’s get started!…[keep reading]”

Also to recap, here are some other posts I did on running over the years. It is prime 5K weather time. Get those running shoes, ya’ll!

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