Mr. Independent

Today on Liberating Working Moms, I tackle the issue of teaching my child independence when all I want to do is play with him in the precious few hours I have with him as a working mama. Do you struggle with this too? Come join us!

…You know what I’m saying? You come home from a long day and you are so excited to see your little boy run for his trains and start creating elaborate stories about what they are doing. I want to run and play with him. I wanna play Percy. I wanna help build a Lego garage for his cars. ::stamps feet:: But I know if I intervene, the dynamic changes. I don’t build the right garage. He starts testing boundaries of what else he can do. The magic is lost and while it is still fun to play with him, I feel like I am taking away some quality time with himself….[keep reading, sucka]…


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