26 weeks and counting

26 weeks


Dolphin seems to be growing faster than Landon. I have many days where my ribs hurt and I feel stretched. I feel fine by morning. I love breakfast and have at least 2. I am still exercising at least 3-4 times a week. Running still feels fine though I am slower and take it easy on hills.

Had an appointment this week and everything is measuring just fine. I think I have gained 12 lbs….but then again I have 2 breakfasts on my stomach at the time. 🙂

He moves a lot. Especially at night. This weekend Kevin finally got to feel him pretty regularly in one of his jabbing sessions. I can always make him move in the night when I wake up to turn over or go to the bathroom. I hope this doesn’t mean he will have his nights and days mixed up.

We now have the bedding for his new room which is going to be rocket and robot themed. It is the same maker and set as what we got for Landon and have loved.  Thanks Dwell Studio for Target!

Mommy and Landon
The boys and me

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