FemFessionals Activate!

I recently became a member of a local group here in Raleigh to network with other women.  Meet Femfessionals. I have talked about it a few times but I wanted to take some time out to showcase their mission and invite you to join in (yes, you…they are in many major cities all over the US!).

A Femfessional is a savvy business woman characterized as positive, open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirous of forming strong strategic connections with similar minded professional women to benefit each other personally and professionally and to benefit their community. – Femfessionals.com

In the past year, I have learned the power of networking. I have helped people from what I write. People I already knew and complete strangers. I have met so many amazing women in this area (and others) that have changed my life. I have a new set of girlfriends that I never thought possible. I have met people who inspire me in blogging, photography, healthy lifestyles, education and so much more. I have helped build people’s portfolios, fund a family in need and shared so many other’s experiences in the hopes that it would ring true for someone else.

In short, I am always looking for ways to help people…either myself or by someone I know. Networking is key. That is why I joined Femfessionals. I have met  great resources around the Triangle from a professional organizer to personal stylists. A great way to learn more about your city and get great contacts.

I started by just attending a connection lunch. You don’t need to be member to do so. You can get a feel for the group and members over some yummy lunch and usually a presentation on a topic. My first meeting was on getting your cause to the media with special guest Monica LaLiberty from WRAL. It was very informative and I learned a lot. We have also had a fashion show event to help out a local charity. All great events to meet new women and learn something new.

So that is where YOU come in. Wanna join us?  Our next lunch is set for April 20th in North Hills.  We would be delighted if you wanted to join us!

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