Me and Netflix Beat My Allergies

Or something like that.  Last week the pollen count finally beat the shit out of me. I was miserable…with no REAL drugs.  It was just mean. I took a sick day…which is pretty rare for me.  I am a pretty healthy person. Daycare germs have made me a warrior around these parts and I am usually the only one left standing.  Bu allergies are like the honey badger of sinus issues…they don’t get a fuck. They will come at me no matter what. Pregnant or not, I suffer.  Oh and this will happen again next spring..when I am BFing and it will be the same where I can’t take ANYTHING again. Joy.

Anyways, while sitting here in my snot and watery eyes, I thought about the fact that I am lucky. Being a working mom, in the field I am in, I can take a sick day.  A real one.  Not one where I am at home and have a toddler wanting to go to the park and such. I can take care of me. Get some rest and try and make it in the next day.  This is really a luxury….a rare opportunity as a mom in general.  So I wrote about it…enjoy:

…So Kevin took Landon to daycare and I sat on the couch. I drank hot tea. I took an extra long hot shower. I could blow my nose without feeling like I was disturbing all my coworkers. I really rested.  I don’t know the last time this has happened. Even when I take a “vacation” day or weekend, I end up running errands for the house and cleaning or something like that but not that day. Me and Netflix got reacquainted and I even half napped. By afternoon, I was feeling better. It was a allergy recovery and mental health day wrapped into one….[keep reading]

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