When I Steal From Daycare

Ideas that is :). Noticing our Pinterest trends, we are alway looking for activities for the kidlets so we can play on twitter cook dinner and do laundry.  Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I thought I would start sharing. I am going to start posting some of the activities I gleam from daycare for toddler fun. This is my first…

I’ll be the first to admit it. Daycare is better at entertaining my kid. I find myself pretty creative and resourceful but I get stuck in a rut. Coloring, building with legos, pretend cooking, rice play, etc. But I also like clean things so the idea of a sensory table full of potting soil in my house makes me break out in hives. Fingerpaint? HA! But I also look at it as I am paying a lot of money for college educated people to teach my child what they were taught. How to sing, share, explore their senses…I hire out….[keep reading]

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