Sex, Love and Bonding – {Ruts}

Sex Love and BondingFor our first segment of Sex Love and Bonding, we are exploring ruts. We all have them. Some longer than others and we all get over them in different ways. Brandee, Alicia and I decided to take this one on from different fronts. I am up first with the torture that can be trying to conceive a child. When love making goes from exciting to routine. So not a sexless rut…but an oversexed one.

Some couples get “lucky” here and never really “try”. For Dolphin, that would be the case. More of a whoops than a grand adventure like we had with Landon. Through the perils of miscarriage and 9 long months of trying, our relationship took a hit. Check out my post on how we got over the hump (hehe) and tips on getting out of your baby making head and back into your seductive one. I also include a photo of Kahl Drogo. You.Are.Welcome.

Trying for a baby is always a new journey in any relationship.  You probably spent some time trying to NOT get pregnant. It’s a exciting time as well as an unknown one.

It starts off fun. ALL THE SEX. ALL THE TIME. WHEEEEE! Wild abandon. But then sometimes it doesn’t happen right away and you start to let it take over your thoughts…and not in a good way. You’re left wondering how it can be so mechanical and chore like.  You are in a rut WITH sex involved. Who knew?

Well I am here to tell you, you aren’t alone. This was us….[keep reading for more sexy time tricks].


2 thoughts on “Sex, Love and Bonding – {Ruts}

  • May 18, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    We went through fertility treatments to conceive our daughter. Talk about taking the romance out of it. Luckily, we got our groove back after the pp hormones calmed down.


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