Sex, Love and Bonding

Liberating Working Moms: Sex Love and BondingRemember how I am willing to put myself out there for the greater good? Welp…I am doing it again. This time? With a team!

I introduce to you a project me and 2 other lovely ladies (Brandee and Alicia) have dreamed up about making your marriage better with a little more lovin. True that t with the big word SEX but we know it means more than that. Because of posts and discussions we have had across the internet, we know moms are in need of lovin.  We are here to help. Let us know what you want to know. Let’s get physical.


…This is a series we’re embarking on here. We hope to share our ups, our downs (not like that pervs!), our highs and lows, our advice and commiserations, and our successes. We expect nothing out of this, other than to help the rest of you get the conversation (figuratively or literally) going in your bedroom. Sex can be hard to talk about, and for women especially, it can be hard (pun not intended!) to get busy when you’re feeling disconnected from your partner and overwhelmed by all the hats you wear. It can so easily be pushed to the side. The “not now” “I am tired” “what about the dishes” narrative constantly running in your head. None of that gets me in the mood, and I suspect it doesn’t get you in the mood either…[keep going…there is a hot pictures of me #justSayin]



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