Mann Clan Update #1

I have recently been going back through old posts when I was pregnant and first with Landon. I did a lot of short update posts. A good number just videos. With how much I write now, I don’t feel like I have time to get those in here but I realize they are important for memories. So starting this week, I am going to start dedicating Saturday posts to Mann Clan updates. This is for all of us. I can catch you up on being pregnant, how Landon did at school, funny stories, how nerdy Kevin is…you know..the usual. It isn’t a post to be passed around like wildfire but it helps keep this blog about us.  So here goes for week 1:

All of US

  • We got onsite daycare for Dolphin!!! That means a quarter of the cost and he will be in the building right behind me. I can walk to nurse at lunch. LESS PUMPING PEOPLE!


  • I am now 32 weeks pregnant
  • Dolphin has flipped to be head down and waiting. I get a little wiggling butt most of the day. With this drop, I am a little more comfortable and I can run again comfortably! HOORAY!
  • Had my OB appt and I have gained a total of 19 lbs. 10 lbs less than what I was with Landon at this stage. Know what that means? MOAR CUPCAKES
  • I did laps at the pool this week. I am really liking it and my legs are still burning 2 days later.
  • We had a reorg at work this week and I am not under my friend Jamie’s husband. I knew Scott before Jamie even! Crazy world. Congrats to the McQuigs
  • Mom is coming into town this weekend and we should have a nice time. Farmer’s market may be on the docket.  They have cupcakes there.


  • He is rocking potty training. I don’t think we have had 1 accident at school all week. We had a teeny one when we went to the grocery store on the way home one day but he was trying to hold it. Ran in and peed like crazy when we got home.
  • He is now peeing all by himself. He wants no help “Walk away mommy. I do it”. He holds his shirt under his chin and stands on his toes to reach of the bowl. Then “aims” himself. It is so precious.
  • We have been having some battles lately of not listening. We have told him that when he doesn’t listen or do what we say, toys will be taken away. He is slowly getting this I think. But to show you his personality, he randomly will just say “Mommy/Daddy, I’m not listening to you”. UGH
  • Friday night is the last sleep in the crib. I am not looking forward to it.
  • He has decided at school that he wants to nap with no shorts on. Strange child.
  • His classroom has officially moved to his old classroom (same kids, just location). He is very excited about the “new room” but still jets in to see Miss Melissa and Miss Krista next door. He is a frequent visitor.
  • He has referred to everything he does as “Today” this week. “I went on the potty today” “I brought my bug spray today” ” I fed Jack Jack today” EVERYTHING. It is really funny sometimes.


  • He is shedding more than I have ever seen. Luckily his dander isn’t as bad as it has been with skin irritation. This is just pure hair. Blech.
  • Landon’s new job is to feed Jack. He can do it all himself (I watch so he gets the right amount) and has liked giving him bones. Jack is very gentle  with him. Landon even goes to talk to Jack when he wakes up. This morning he read him Curious George on his bed.


  • He jailbroke his phone and the AppleTV…that has consumed his week. Nerdy goodness. The End.


3 thoughts on “Mann Clan Update #1

  • June 4, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    The onsite daycare sounds excellent!! I would have killed for that and the no mid-day pumping with our daughter. And you’re only up 19 lbs. at 32 weeks?? I am obviously doing something wrong since I’m up at least 15 already and I’m only 19 weeks with #2. 😉 Yay to the more comfortable running, though – that has to feel great.

  • June 5, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    MOAR CUPCAKES?! I’m so there.

    Also, glad you’re more comfortable now and can run again. You are my pregnant-lady-idol.



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