Mann Clan Update #2

LegosThis week with the Mann Clan:


  • Started the week with my first ever trip to urgent care for the possibility of strep throat. I was right and I got hooked up with a z pack and orders to sleep. It has cleared now but I was pretty miserable. I barely ate all weekend and actually lost a pound of Saturday. I couldn’t swallow and the achy feelings are brutal on a preggo body.
  • 33 weeks and I can still rock pushups…granted I can’t go down as far but HAZA!
  • Had my first ever WagonWheel courtesy of the Higgys up north. Needless to say, I have one in my purse for emergencies.
  • I hooked up with Ilana at this week for a double guest post about toddler dinners. I give 10 tips for getting your toddler to eat over at her place and a weekly sample at Babble. Go check em out.


  • While I was sick, Kevin gets the award for rockstar dad and husband. He dismantled the crib and moved it and rebuilt it, went to Lowes for supplies for new window cornices, cleaned all the bathrooms, washed every linen on the 2nd floor, vacuumed massive amounts of dog hair, mowed the grass, washed both cars, washed the dog and still wrestled with the boy. He was rewarded with me not nagging about watching NBA all week.


  • Toddler bed transition has been awesome. He took his first sleep at nap on Saturday and slept for 3.5 hours. He was so excited. Runs upstairs each night to get in his “big boy bed”. He loves getting tucked in and being read to. Hooray!
  • He has mastered potty training so much so that he is now potty training his best friend. Josh was refusing the teacher’s asking to potty. Landon asked “Joshy you come potty with me?” and so they do. They travel together and rock pottying. 2 peas in a pod, those 2. Josh had a rad week in big boy underpants too!
  • We had a rough day this week that started when he noted he was “tired” on the way home. If he realizes it, we are screwed. So.much.screaming. Time out. Crying. Oy. He actually ate decent and then we asked if he just wanted to go to bed, and he said yes. He went to bed 30 minutes early and slept like a log.  He woke up like an angel. I say this because I don’t believe in keeping a kid up to solve sleep problems. If he naps 4 hours, he still goes to bed on time.  Kids know what they need and I think we ignore them some time thinking we have it figured out.

For the rest, we decided to let him tell you

33 WeeksDolphin:

  • Nursery is almost complete. Just need to move the futon out and the chair in. Getting Pottery Barn mini chairs from Laura for each. Now to wash the massive amounts of clothes. The dryer sounds like a popcorn machine.
  • He has enjoyed quite a few stretches this week where I can feel hands in my thighs and feet in my lungs. Oh the joys of having no torso.


  • Still shedding
  • Enjoyed a car ride with just mommy on her sick day with all the windows down.

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