Mann Clan Update #3

Another week down. Let’s get down to brass tax:


  • Sunday we did our maternity pictures with Laura. It was great and I am so happy with how it went and how they turned out!
  • Kevin and I had our daycare tour for Dolphin this week. There are 60 infants in the program. That is hard to fathom. 10 classes of 6 with a 3 to 1 ratio. It is on the other end of the parking lot as me. There is a nursing room. It is gonna be awesome.

33 WeeksMe:

  • 34 weeks pregnant. I have gained 21 lbs and baby is looking good. Head still down and measuring right on target.
  • Met the midwife at my practice and she is delightful. I also found out they are merging with another OB office and they have started to share some on call. So I MAY be delivered by one of the 4 midwives from there or their 2 OBs. I want to get more scoop on them from my usual OB next time. I am really not that worried though.
  • One of my coworkers has been on the adoption list and got a call while on vacation this week that a baby was just born and they pick him up on Monday! 6 days to prepare for a newborn. HOLY SNIKEYS!
  • I visited my first food truck this week. Gourmet grilled cheese. It was heaven. Check em out.


  • Kevin rocked it as super dad at our super shoot. Laura and I noted how he is just fantastic at photo shoots. He is happy to smile and do whatever. Cracks jokes. Watches the kid when needed. Just fabulous. Thanks Daddyo.
  • The NBA finals are here. Every other night, there is that. So needless to say, I don’t have much to put here.

Dressed my self!Landon:

  • Another accident free week. Potty training is losing the training part.  We believe we hit a big milestone when he said mid photo shoot that he had to poop. We looked around…no bathroom. To add to the super dad description above, Kevin grabbed him and ran to see what he could find. There was nothing. He held it and then Kevin helped him potty there in the parking lot and cleaned it up. Clean pants and a fun story. POTTY TRAINING WIN!
  • He had his first splash day this week. He proceeded to drag a toy bucket under the sprinkler and sit in it. Only my child.
  • He uttered the phrase “are you kidding me?” with impeccable comedic timing at dinner. It took all we had not to laugh because we know that will make him keep doing it and not eat.
  • His manners are getting so good. He even tells Jack “excuse me” when trying to go around him. Lots of  “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Very proud of my boy.
  • This week’s obsession is Kung Fu Panda. Hearing him say “Master Shi Fu” never ceases to make me smile.


  • Scout spent last weekend with us. They enjoyed chasing birds together and being neurotic together
  • No heart worms. HOORAY!


  • Pretty sure he never sleeps. Always moving. His butt stays right around my belly button and swishes back and forth.
  • Futon is now out of the nursery and ready for a little one :).
  • I got a science project solar system mobile from my friend Laura’s step daughter. Repainted it and it is ready to hang in the nursery. Pretty excited.
  • We got some pictures taken at the shoot to create the giant photo booth prints for his wall.
  • This weekend’s project is the cornice boxes for the nursery.Carpool

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Mann Clan Update #3

  • June 18, 2012 at 10:27 am

    3:1 infant ratio. Those teachers deserve a thousand raises. Whoa.

    This reminded me we don’t do nearly enough splash padding– I’m adding it to the weekend repetoire.


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