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Instragram PhotosAlright. You guys blew me away with the awesome ideas for Landon’s art wall.  Just awesome. It really was what I needed to get into art mode (I have more projects for other rooms too!). So many great ways to personalize the space and make it fun for everyone! Way to go ladies! The simplicity of them  was even better. No crazy ass pins here!

Now a good number of the entries revolved around recreating the bedding pattern. One thing I failed to mention was my plans for the other wall. I am already planning to match the bedding on the other wall with 3 GIANT framed prints with Landon’s initials.  With that said, I didn’t want more letters on the other side. Just getting to be too much. So that is my bad folks. But still great stuff.

Heather came in with 50 million ideas and I have now recruited her for all my design consults. She is helping me come up with things for Dolphin’s Gallery wall including using my own contact paper tutorial to have Landon make an actual Dolphin for his little brother. She is also shipping me Ikea goodies because she is amazeballs like that.

Photo booth

Then Alicia‘s idea about Andy Warholing our pictures for him really got me thinking. I really like the idea but a little different and bigger. So I am cheating and doing that idea for Dolphin. I am planning to do a giant set of 3 photo booth strips of us with funny faces. Even got pictures taken this weekend for it. I am getting pretty excited about the idea.  So I have to say Alicia is getting a runner up prize because it got me to that idea. I will send her moon pies and fried pies…it has been settled. She needs some Southern US up there in Canada.

But the winner is….

Diane! Her idea of using instragram photos is genius. So many reasons for this to be the winner:

  • They are already square – This is big because getting the photos the right portion before to fit the images was a pain in the ass.
  • I have over 1400 to choose from. Yeah…I am a bit obsessed. I figure i will make a folder with the most appropriate ones and let Landon pick. If you want to get all your photos in a zip file, check out Instaport.
  • This will also be cheap with the use of services like PostalPix, I can get them printed and have spares to swap out when we feel like it.
  • Think of all the Toddler Dinners! I kid. I kid.

So thanks again ladies. You really got me thinking and I am pretty excited. Diane, I will contact you about your prize. Heather, one of these days we are going to meet when I come home. City BBQ on me…mos def. Alicia…well I talk to you pretty much every half hour…you know the drill.


Thanks everybody for playing. I imagine there may be more of these contests.

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