Mann Update #4

Been a few weeks but we are back. Last week brought a stomach virus, a VERY 3 year old, 2 baby showers, a cervix check and the end of Algebra. Phew. I’m tired just listing all this.


  • Last Saturday, the in laws came to watch LT and K and I went out. I was having a good number of Braxton Hicks contractions and just kinda off. I believe  this was the beginning of my tummy bug. We went to see Spiderman (really good) and on the way in, I got stung by a bee on my hand. I mean REALLY? How unfair is that. Silver lining, movie concession stand gave me a cup of ice for it and then when it melted? FREE WATER! Damn the man.
  • Sunday brought the stomach virus and Monday was a recovery day.
  • Tuesday brought work and a lovely shower/lunch with my work ladies. They are so generous and sweet. I am a lucky lady.
  • Wednesday brought us another shower by Kevin’s department. We all attended and L even got some spoils. And Target gift card for mommy and daddy!
  • Thursday brought me a cervix check which you can read about here. Landon and I also went and had breakfast together at our work cafe. One of the best waffles ever and he got a cup and starbucks straw. Everybody wins!
  • Friday was a big work day for me when I officially finished my Algebra work and did a demo for the department. We are currently building an online course for Algebra 1…about 2.5 years in the making.  Friday, we finished all the development. Big day! I was also asked to demo some older products for a department meeting. It was my first presentation like demo. I didn’t fuck it up. So yay.
  • Hospital bags are packed. Pumping supplies washed. Pantry reorganized. You could say nesting is going full force.


  • After I got the stomach virus, so did K. Fortunately it was mild and just resulted in a low key day of crackers and ginger ale for him.
  • Work drama plagued Kevin this week with some long hours and brain fatigue.  His goal this weekend is to recharge since we won’t be getting much sleep soon.
  • Landon’s obsession with “space wars” made Kevin think on his feet and has now gotten him addicted to Clone Wars.  His parenting goal is complete. Next milestone? Full on legos.


  • Landon seemed to dodge the tummy bug thank goodness.
  • He has now hit a stage that timeouts and reasoning are not working for tantrums. It is “fun”. 3 is hitting early and hard. We have come to the conclusion that we just have to send him to his room to rage. We can’t accomplish anything otherwise. The rage quickly changes to “I want my mommy and daddy” and he calms down and listens. This works pretty well at home but the tantrums at school are the worst. He listens to nothing. Our #1 tantrum starter? Art. Post coming soon about that.
  • Couple of pee accidents at home this week.  Not sure what the deal is. Seems like he is just zoned out and forgets. O well. It is kinda cute when he says “I sorry mommy. It’s my fault”
  • The love of “two lights” or Clone Wars is quite cute.  He talks about Master Yoda and can be found saying “pew pew” around the house.
  • He is eating like a trucker lately.  Hoping this growth spurt is just hand in hand with the mood. Probably a developmental time too.
  • He keeps thinking Dolphin is coming out when I let him touch him in my belly. It is adorable.  He also sometimes refers to Dolphin and I in the same instance. “Come look at me, mommy and Dolphin”. Adorable.
  • Finally got my instagram prints for Landon’s wall and hung. Will take photos of the project this week.


  • Happily moving down for evacuation. While I have a little room up top now, the bowling ball between my legs is pretty uncomfortable.
  • I have been making out little feet poking out of my stretched belly.  They are so tiny!
  • I wrote a letter to him this week. Check it out.
  • His room is nearing completion. I have most of the things gathered for his gallery wall including photos of us, old alphabet books, a tissue paper Dolphin and even a sweet Star Wars quote. I need to get frames for our photo booth pictures…I’m just so cheap.


  • Spoiling at daycare is getting comical. We walk in to at least 2 “JACK!”s and can’t leave without at least 2 treats.
  • Quote of the week from Lori at daycare “Jack was less barky but more humpy”

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