State of the Uterus

Just a quick update for ya. This past Sunday, I woke up at 2:30am not feeling right. Couldn’t get comfy. I thought “no biggie”. This happens time to time due to the baby’s position or growth. I usually get up and come downstairs and love on Pinterest. So I came down and hung out thinking I would get tired. Instead, I got worse. I started having more braxton hicks which sucked. I just didn’t feel “right”. The longer it went on, the stranger it got. I had a few real contractions into my back but their timing was erradtic and it really felt more like a stomach ache. At 7, I finally came upstairs and told Kevin I wasn’t feeling right. I jumped in the shower and had at least 1 contraction in there. When I got out, I called the on call OB line. In the time it took them to call me back, I puked…a lot. I got one of the oncall midwives and told her the deal. She said “yup. You are the 5th pregnant woman to call”. Apparently it was a stomach bug. The stomach contractions were causing real contractions…so we were all calling in a panic.

She was right. After the puking, I was done. No more sick and no more contractions. My belly felt tight most of the day but I think it was dehydration. I slept a good bit and just laid low. I never had any more symptoms but the few hours of distress took 2 days to recover. My abs were killing me from the contractions and puking. Then when Dolphin would kick, it hurt even more. Needless to say, it sucked.

The one thing I could tell immediately on recovery was the baby moved down. Things felt tight constantly. My inner thighs were on fire. His kicks were hitting differently. Basically? Shit was getting ready.

So Thursday I had my 38 week appointment. We were chatting away per usual and it was the first week to check me. So he checked and stopped chatting. “Um Brandy, he is really low. Like right there.” We are always joking around but his tone said it all.

So I am technically 3 cm and 90% effaced. I know those means nothing. I was 3 cm with L for a few weeks too but I think the station is the shocker. I didn’t get a number from him on it but from where I could feel him stop, I realized he IS low. All afternoon it felt like there is bowling bowl between my legs. Then in the evening, I felt his head moving around about 3 inches above my pelvic bone. HOLY SHIT.

So #DolphinWatch2012 commences. Hold on to you butts.


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  • July 13, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I had the same thing with Gwen, I got a stomach bug, totally did not feel right at all for about two days. Puked my guts out (actually the only time I’ve ever puked pregnant) all when 38 weeks. I was scheduled at 39 weeks though, so I”m not sure how much longer it would have went before I went into labor. That being said Gwen totally dropped that day. All of the way day. And I lost 2 pounds between OB appointments.

  • July 13, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    The whole time I’m reading this I’m expecting a picture of you in a hospital gown holding a baby at the end of the post! Lol! I was thinking how did I miss this on twitter! So exciting, it makes me nervous just reading about it. If its that real for you now this shits gonna get real for me sooner that I think I’m ready for!

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