The 1 Kid Morning Routine

CarpoolSo remember when the “day in the life” posts were all the rage? Oh yeah. I was going to blow your minds, y’all. Picture slideshow. Witty captions. It was going to be amazing. Then the REAL day in the life kicked in and I got lazy or the day I planned to document went to hell in a handbasket and it wasn’t “typical”. I started it multiple times….took a shit ton of pictures…but never followed through.

Well I started thinking, I need to get it down. Not that it will enhance your life in any way, but it will be in the Mann clan chronicles. When Dolphin is a toddler, I can remind myself how I did all this. Also? It will never be like this again. We will have a new daycare (yes the boys are going to 2 different daycares) and nursing schedules for the forseeable future. Toddler dinners are going to go WAY down hill. God knows when we will sleep or if I can physically dry my own hair. So here a morning in the life of the Mann clan.

So let’s get down some facts up front:

  • 2 working parents with the same hours.
  • 1 almost 3 year old in full time daycare
  • 1 giant 7 yr old dog who still stays in a crate
  • 1 über flexible workplace with 35 hour work week

Now like Alicia, I have a wonderful helper each morning. Kevin and I are an awesome team. If anything made our marriage stronger post baby, it was the team we can assemble to get stuff done. Mornings are the best example of this.

5:45: K’s alarm to walk the dog. Not pregnant during the warm months, you may find me up at 5:15 doing it with a run.

6:00: My alarm to get in the shower.

6:20: Out of shower often to chirps of a toddler on the monitor. He either falls back asleep or plays in his bed. He hasn’t decided to get out on his own yet. I’ll take it.

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