The Melting Pot of Daycare

Daycare FriendsToday I am over at Liberating Working Moms talking about how I love daycare friends for Landon. I love the bonding, the stories, the squeals and even the hitting and punching (to some extent). He is learning to play and interact with all kinds of kids. How to “forgive”. How to share. How to be a little person. It’s no secret around these parts that I love daycare and this is just another reason why.

“…Every day we pick him up and ask what he did that day. Almost immediately is “Me and Josh…” and then he rattles off all his friends. Seeing him get excited that we will go play outside of school is super fun too. The rare occasion we have a friend over to our house to play? You would think he won the lottery. He talks about it for days after.

On top of his BFF, it is nice to hear him interacting with a kid that, to me, might seem a little difficult. Like when we know that they got into a scuffle over a dinosaur and slapped the crap out of each other. In the same breath he can tell me that they colored together later or splashed at the sensory table. No hard feelings. Just life as a toddler….[keep reading]”

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