Landon’s Thomas the Train Birthday Shindig

I am super late on this but honestly I have had other things to worry with (see small human). Landon had a great 3rd birthday party. We are still in the “throw a large playdate” party days. We also weren’t going to overcommit with Ollie being new so in July I sent an email to a few of the usual playmate’s parents of a possible date and location. A save the date for a toddler party…that could easily be canceled. The only thing I arranged for the cupcakes. Remember last year? Yeah I had to have Amanda again. Nothing makes a party like cupcakes. I figured worst case scenario, we hang with family and eat cupcakes.

This year’s theme was Thomas. I actually saved Thomas for a year I didn’t want to think too much.  There are so many things to do for it and it is super easy. With a 3 week old, I figured this worked perfectly. I started designing invitations months ago but I kept putting off completing it. I complained to Alicia and BAM she did them for me! Check it!

Thomas the Train invite

*Designed for 5×7 and get prints at any 1 hour place (walmart is cheapest). I keep a big box of 5×7 envelopes I ordered from Amazon for these type things I make.

Kids this age don’t give a crap about the decor unless it’s BALLOONS! So I bought packs of Thomas balloons, a Thomas banner and a few cups. Boom. I got everything from Target or Party City. Most expensive thing was the helium tank because of the helium shortage. O well.

I did pick up some little tin buckets at the Target dollar section around 4th of July for goodies. Tied on a balloon, Thomas tattoos and a treat. Done.

We just had an inflatable pool and the kick ass backyard of my inlaws complete with 3 swings, giant slide, tiny house AND CHICKENS! Who needs bounce houses and activities? 🙂 Landon found a juicy caterpillar and then the kids got to see the circle of life when we gave it to the chickens. Josh and Landon even picked peppers from the garden and I am pretty sure Margo went home with an egg. Ha! Child labor laws are silly and outdated.

The kids had a blast and were good and worn out. I served Bojangles biscuits and fruit along with Izzes and coffee. Once again, cheap and easy.

So here are a few shots from the soiree:

Thomas the train cupcakes

So now I have to come up with something for 2 boys for next year at this time. Think we need a bigger pool…

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2 thoughts on “Landon’s Thomas the Train Birthday Shindig

  • September 17, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Looks like a fun party! We didn’t even do a party this year. I meant to do a small one, but the summer was crazy. I’d love to do a Halloween party though.


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