Mann Clan Update #6

Well time for another milestone installment of the Mann Clan update. Let’s get down to brass tax, shall we?


  • Had my first few solo days with Oliver this week. We had 3 lunch dates with friends to pass the time and he enjoyed a nice Ergo nap for all of them.
  • Getting back to the grind to finish up Landon and Ollie’s rooms this week. Photoshop fun.
  • Had a OB appointment last week and I am down 20 of the 30 I gained and I am not even cleared for exercise yet. WOOT!
  • My life revolves around feeding and changing Oliver. That is pretty much all I do with spurts of sleep, blogging, eating and watching TV between.
  • Oh but I did make dinner a couple nights this week so BOOYAH.
  • I am pumping like a mad woman about twice a day with my rented Symphony pump. It is so awesome to get a stash going.


  • He officially started working full days again. He had been working half days on MWF and from hom on Tuesday and Thursday but this week he went back to full days MWF. Great way to take paternity leave if I do say so myself.
  • He has, by default, taken on bath time for Landon which can be a handful some nights. He seems to save up his fights for that time. Oy.
  • Last Sunday he deep cleaned the house. It was awesome. I haz a lucky y’all.


  • After his party (which I will blog at some point…i swear), he has been really good all week. Kinda crazy.
  • A few weeks ago, he stopped taking naps at daycare. The teachers thought he was dropping his nap. I told them that seemed unlikely seeing as he takes 2+ hour naps on the weekend. I think he is in a tough spot of being the oldest in the class right now and seeing the “babies ” go down earlier. Either way, we b broke out good ole bribes and it worked like a charm. He can get his phone in the car on the way home if he naps. Now when we pick him up, first thing he says is “I took a good long nap today!”. BAZING
  • He had his 3 year check up on Friday. 30lbs exactly and not sure on height (Kevin took him and can’t remember). Either way he was 50% on both. The Dr.  asked how many words he was saying and said 75 is expected. HA! Kid has to have hundreds. Hell he can properly use “pupa” in context ( thanks Wonder Pets).
  • He is still in love with Oliver. We started getting O up at 7 when Landon gets up to get a routine going. I bring O in to get Landon up and he yells “Hi Mommy AND OVILER!” I laid him in his bed 2 mornings now and he was in heaven. Crawled up with him and Oliver just smiles back. Brotherly love already.
  • I have been kind of shocked how little Landon has question breastfeeding. The only comment he has made is “mommy has big milks”. Hilarious…and true.


  • Ollie started the week with the anticipated 1 month weight check. This was 2 weeks after this appointment. We had dropped supplementing pretty much altogether because he was so full if we tried. I do give him a 1oz bottle each night before bed to keep the bottle familiar.  Clearly he was pooping and peeing and eating to us. Well I am proud to say he is now 9lbs 4oz. That is 25 oz in 14 days. The doctor was so shocked he did the math twice. So hooray for mom’s “big milks”.
  • He has given us his first smiles. I saw them randomly in the beginning of the week and he spent a good few minutes smiling like crazy at Landon this morning in bed. It was so precious.
  • He is keeping a pretty good daily schedule. Eating every 2.5-3 hours. He can stay awake for the feeding and then a few minutes of playtime and then he needs to go back down. around 45-60 minutes between sleeps. Friday I watched the clock pretty close and sure enough, if I had him in bed right at the 60 min mark, he went down awake with no crying and slept for over 1.5 hours. Hooray! Nights are still hit or miss but he does pretty well for his age I think. Much more predictable than Landon was.
  • We took our first real “walks” this week in the neighborhood and even a mall walk. It is still a bit too hot for outside but one afternoon I got home and he was asleep in the car seat. I knew I had to keep moving so walking we did. I am not sporting a sweet nursing tank tan.


  • Same ole, same ole. He is enjoying the walks when we have them. Otherwise he spends his day going from the front door in the sun to the back porch in the sun. Rinse and repeat.

3 thoughts on “Mann Clan Update #6

  • September 1, 2012 at 8:57 am

    I am going to have to visit again soon. I bet Oliver is a totally different baby than the one I saw a few weeks ago!

  • September 1, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Sounds like a good week! Are you doing anything special to get the weight down? I’m determined to get the baby weight off this time around. I hear about the belly wraps and I was wondering if those help or not.

    • September 1, 2012 at 7:44 pm

      Ha. I’ve done nothing. I did stop dairy and soy because of breastfeeding but nothing other than that. I gained less this pregnancy and exercised more. May have helped? I did belly bind the first few weeks. Doesn’t help lose weight. Just helped get some muscle control back in my core. I’m not in pre preggo jeans or anything.


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