Halloween 2012

This year was the first year for trick or treating for Landon. Last year was rainy and he was too little before that. We unveiled the concept of trick or treating the morning of to hold it over him like a good “resourceful” parent.  Good listening FTW! You should have seen his face. ” You get to wear your costume. Go for a walk. Stay up late and get candy.” Mind BLOWN.

Kevin’s parents came over to listen for Oliver (we was in bed) and hand out candy. They also brought us homemade dinner because they are AWESOME like that. Landon ate all his bites and then we headed out in the wagon. He was a blue monster courtesy of Old Navy. Hands down the best costume deal. Nice thick coat and pants. Better quality than Target ones and only $17 and I had a coupon!!! I should have bought more!

He was awesome. He was so appreciative of it. “Mommy, I get more candy?” after each house. He said thank you every time. The first house he tried to go in after she gave him candy. We just made the little circle near our house and he could barely carry his pumpkin. He got to pick one treat before dinner and dined on a bag of Skittles. “These our my own favorite candy!” Now if he finishes his dinner, he gets to pick a candy. We are teaching him all the types. I forget how many types there are! 

Without further ado…Landon the Blue Monster.

I also got some fun pictures before the costume as we played in the yard. This year, Grandmommy and Granddaddy took him to get a pumpkin and he has loved that thing.

And then…who turned my baby into a little boy!!!

And Ollie was festive with a halloween shirt and a pumpkin hat just like his brother at the same age:

and for comparison…same shirt, same hat 3 years prior

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