Review: Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover

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Back in the Spring, the amazing folks at Brica contacted me to see if I wanted to test out a product for when Oliver got here. As a lover of “gadgets”, I was aware of their line of awesome baby and toddler products. Stuff that just made sense. Products that make you say “well why hadn’t someone come up with that before?!”. They didn’t have to ask me twice. A few weeks before Oliver’s arrival, the Infant Comfort Canopy showed up at the door.

Brica Infant comfort Canopy Inside

I knew one of my goals on maternity leave was to get out at much as possible. That being said, it was July/August…HOT AS HELL. I remembered with Landon, going out in the heat and coming back with a cranky sweaty baby on a sweaty Mommy. Neither of us were happy. The Comfort Canopy seemed like it would help in that department. SCORE! I also had the thought that I was going to get one of those “easy” babies that just hangs out in there…which didn’t happen. Still…awesome product.

By default it is a mesh cover to keep bugs and debris out. He can see out and get some fresh breeze. It also gives a little bit of shade as well just by it’s nature and filters the light. It unzips so you can get him right out of the carrier without having to take it off. Perfection. My only critique here is when it is unzipped, it doesn’t wrap around the front as well but it doesn’t really impact how it functions.

Brica Infant comfort Canopy Sun cover

Next up, you then have a zipper pocket with the UV cover. It snaps over the top mesh and helps reflect the light off it. This was the ticket for us. It helped keep him cooler and the sun out of his eyes. Now this will block you from seeing them…but there isn’t really a way around that. Now he can still see out the sides and breath of course, but if you are wanting to monitor like a hawk, can’t happen with this on. To me, it wasn’t a big deal. If he wasn’t screaming, he was sleeping. Now my only issue here was that being so hot, I tried to walkin the mornings. Where is the sun in the morning? To the side. So it would just beam in through the side. I get the design…maybe there could be optional side panels? I dunno how safe that is but I just know I would think I was all smart and then he would be squinting.

It also travels well. It folds up like those wind shades into a little pouch. Perfect for my little house with kid crap EVERYWHERE. You can throw it in the car when you are going out somewhere or just leave in the hall closet like we do.

Overall, it is a great piece of baby gear. I imagine if you have on of those babies that can just chill in their seat while you are out, it would be even better. Like at the park or at a festival or something.  The darkness could be nice for napping. I had to keep mine moving so I didn’t get the luxury.

While Brica gave me this canopy to review, we have bought so many of their products because they are just AWESOME. I swear they are not paying me to say that. Lucky for you, Brica products are now at Target!!!! We have the following products as well:

Stretch to Fit Car Window Shade – OMG! These are the best things…ever. With Landon, we had a Honda Element. It had CRAZY big windows and a giant sunroof with no cover. Those little roman shade dealies for babies didn’t cut it. I so wish we would have had these. We have 4. Best baby purchase.

Night and Day Musical Mirror – This is just a really nice mirror. We haven’t really used the music too much but the light is nice in the mornings or dreary days when you can’t see if he is asleep or not. IT IS REMOTE CONTROL! Awesome.

Kick Mats – Duh. We have a toddler. Enough said. It is also comes 2 to a pack!

Fold and Go Bassinet – I honestly had higher hopes for this one. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great product. Folds easily and is a perfect size but Oliver wasn’t the type to go somewhere to nap. He seemed sensitive to routine and being out in bright light without his sound machine wasn’t really working. I need to utilize it more now that he hangs out with us at night in the backyard for a bit.

Corner Bath Basket –  Great logical storage solution. Fits great!

So do yourself a favor, check out their products. The travel stuff looks so awesome for a family on the go…especially around the holidays. Happy Shopping!

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