Smart Snacking

Snacking. Who knew you would need a game plan? I sure didn’t think so. I mean I get 500 extra calories a day! LIVE IT UP, right? Well I was…until I started eliminating things for Ollie. Then I had to think more. I needed the fuel to keep up supply and energy while sleep deprived and stressed to the max. This is one scary recipe. So I talked to a nutritionist and learned some great stuff. I am over at Liberating Working Moms sharing it today. Come on over!

“One thing I am finding being back at work is the need for snacking. With my nursing calorie count (I swear this is like the only bone we get thrown), I am needing to eat pretty often. This can be a good and bad thing. More food = awesome but you need to calibrate it right. While eating 4 Reese’s cups SEEMS like a good idea, it probably will suck later…[keep reading]”

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