7 Years of This Guy

Today is Kevin and I’s 7th wedding anniversary. Wednesday is out 10th year of being together. Whoa. Time is running away. Supposedly we were supposed to endure the 7th year itch this past 12 months. We never wavered. Maybe being pregnant and welcoming a new kid keeps ya busy or something? We still love each other just as much as sophomore year in college…just a little less drinking…sometimes.

We celebrated on Friday night with dinner out after the baby was in bed and a “shopping spree” at Old Navy. I don’t know how much more “married suburban life” you can get. But that is just fine with me. We aren’t about weekends touring wine country or anything Kay Jewelers would have you believe. Around our anniversary we usually just allow ourselves to indulge in something. Last year we splurged on a night at a 5 start hotel (we used our work discount) . This year it was in the form of jeans and sweaters. We are lucky to have free babysitting, some disposable income and the ability to still chat over dinner about kid and non-kid related stuff. We laughed at the creepy “assistant to the manager” type guy who canvased the place like a Dwight Shrute wannabe. We talked about how we aren’t sure how we passed half our college classes…much less got As and Bs in them. We talked about daycare. We skipped dessert to go shoe shopping. We were…us. Perfect.


3 thoughts on “7 Years of This Guy

  • November 12, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Happy Anniversary! And I LOVE your flowers. I always thought that if we had picked a different date for our wedding, we’d have gone with October or November.

  • November 12, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Happy Anniversary lady! Glad to hear you just go to be the two of you for a while!


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