My Third Home: The Nursing Room

As I have talked about before, Oliver is going to daycare at my onsite center. While this is great from the obvious convenience and financial standpoints, it has also made a huge difference in my milk supply.  Ya see, because the daycare is literally a few hundred feet from my office, I get to walk to feed Oliver at lunch. So he gets 1 bottle a day usually (I am giving myself at least 1 day a week where I don’t go so I can do something for me). That means I only HAVE to pump once a day. This is monumental. I pumped 4 times a day with Landon just to get a few oz. It caused me stress early on with him and was a pain for the year I did it. I never respond well to the pump…just the way it is. By being able to nurse Oliver so much of the day, my supply stays up and I don’t have to be connected to that damn machine all the time! Mental health of mama, goodness for baby and extra bonding time. HOORAY!

So today I am over at Liberating Working Moms talking about the nursing room I visit 3 times a day (I top him off before work and before we go home too). With the Affordable Care Act (yeah big scary Obamacare caring for moms and junk…COMMUNISM), more companies are required to have a clean, private space for pumping mothers. Not a bathroom. I am detailing the nursing room in hopes of shining some light on what a company CAN do to help those new moms at work.

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