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Holiday time is here, folks. I am sure this is no surprise. The surprise I usually get is when I am shopping for gifts and remember the teacher gifts at the last minute. I’m not proud of it because I ADORE teachers…I just have nursing mom brain (hey I am riding this “condition” out for all it is worth). This year has been extra hectic with a new baby and I have been looking for something to be easy and quick but still appreciative. I have come up with a formula to help my guilt, get teachers something they like,  make it meaningful for my child, and save them from something else to store and take up space.

Small gift from your child for his appreciation + small gift to show parent appreciation

Now that may seem pretty obvious but I thought I would break down the 2 into categories with some simple ideas to help you out. I tried to think pretty broadly. I know I have little ones but most can apply to any age.

salt dough trainWays for Your Kids to Show Appreciation
My main goal with this part of the gift is to get my child in the giving spirit. I am not spending a lot of money, if any. I want to show him his work can make someone happy. I also want the teacher to have something homemade and special. This usually comes in craft form for me and thanks to Pinterest, you are a few search terms away from creativity if you lack it.

  • Ornaments – Salt dough, popsicle stick snowflakes, painted ball. The list goes on. I am not one for giving teachers a bunch of stuff but I think a few extra ornaments are simple to add to a tree and let them remember your kid
  • Drawings – Have them draw a picture. So super simple but it shows them to do something for someone else. Be sure to put her name and date on it for safe keeping.
  • Pictures – Take some pictures of your kid with or without his teacher. Then put on cardstock and have them decorate around it. Collages, paint, glitter glue. Go crazy!
  • Thank you notes – If they can write, this is always appreciated. It’s special and personal. Doesn’t take up space. Perfect. Pair with a photo for added memories.

Ways to Show Your Appreciation

  • Give back to the classroom – Schools need money. That is a given. Teachers are buying their own supplies. It’s a sad state. Offer to buy supplies. Donate to theirDonor’s Choose project. Volunteer!
  • Gift cards – This is really a no brainer and an easy option when you have 5000 things to do around the holidays. Speciality coffee, Target, restaurants, movies, itunes. Once again, endless. Spice it up with a unique way to display it.
  • Books – Does your kid have a favorite his teacher reads to him? Buy a nice copy and write a note to them.
  • Thank you notes – Once again appreciated from a different angle (parent). Add bang with writing on the back of your Christmas for an additional personal touch.

Be sure to also check out my previous post on some quick and easy DIY options for teacher appreciation.

So what are you doing for teacher gifts? Are you a teacher and want to chime in?

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