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liberating working momsWhen I was getting ready to have Oliver, I knew my weekly postings at Liberating Working Moms would take a hit. A) I would have a baby and B) I wasn’t working and therefore not in the mindset. It was also a double whammy to Tracy because Katherine was going to be out with Reese about the same amount of time (High five preggo twinsie!). So I started thinking about all my friends I have come to make on the interwebz. All the other working moms out there with a different story to tell. I shot off an email to a handful with “Hey would you be willing to cover for my ass?”. I was taken back by the number of “SURE!”s. My friends rock.

So I thought I would layout their awesome posts:

Finding a Moment to Cherish

Keanne came back to guest post about cherishing moments with her son Daniel while being a full time working mom.

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette 

Joanna, a somewhat new working mom, made me LOL so hard with her notes to fellow employees about bathroom etiquette.

Does Free School Exist?

Laura brought us a perspective from some older kids and how she thought going to public school meant a salary bump but didn’t end up being as much as she thought.

How a Working Mom Trains for a Marathon & This One Time I Ran a Marathon

Jamie detailed how she trained for a marathon while working full time and raising a 2 year old and then came back to tell us how it went.

Keeping the Romance Alive with Love Notes

Carole showed us how she and her husband keep the spark in the marriage.


Thanks again, ladies!

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