Kidlet Dinners: Random Tips

Puffed_wheat_with_agave__thawed_pineapple_and_freeze_dried_mangos_for_Captain_teething_Mann.__infantdinners__infantbreakfastI realize there has been a large break on toddler dinners and infant dinners but I haven’t had enough to make a post really. A tip here and quick thought there. Nothing to make a real post…so instead I thought I would just word vomit all the random stuff I have been consolidating in my head. Sound like a plan? Ok, then!

  • A tip a saw on Twitter from Nancy Holtzman that was genius: In a pinch for a quick toddler finger food meal? Have a can of minestrone soup on hand. Drain it. Voila! Veggie, pasta, beans. Meal all in one. Note from me: look for a low sodium brand. Also lentil soup would work too. Trader Joe’s has a nice organic veggie soup.
  • Pretzel rods = keep the baby happy sticks. We have some wheat “pretzels” that keep Ollie entertained for a long time. They are pretty hard but great for a teething baby. He gnaws for a long time until they are mushy and then eats it. I usually give him one at the beginning of dinner so I can eat without shoveling the whole time. Also works great while waiting for food at restaurant. Bonus: The sticks are great for everyone. I have them for snack with spicy mustard and Landon loves them just as much.
  • Need more novelty for an older toddler or preschooler? Chopsticks. I got some with take out once and showed him a few times. Sometimes he just stabbed the chicken but whatever. Now he is pretty good. Then Kevin ordered him  from Think Geek {can’t find them now}. They are just like regular chop sticks but plastic and can be  configured to teach them with spring action. Don’t need the help anymore? Just use them like normal! Or make your own!
  • Sprinkles_make_everything_better.__toddlerdinners__toddlerbreakfastWhen in doubt, throw sprinkles on it. It is a tiny amount of sugar, but the best novelty out there. For breakfast we often do whole wheat bagel or English muffin with nut butter. Slap some sprinkles on for fun, he eats twice as fast. Put them on yogurt. Put them on anything. They don’t care. Spaghetti? Gross to us but they don’t give a crap because SPRINKLES. You get cool mom points to boot.
  • Frozen peas are a mom’s friend. Going to be out somewhere or need lunch for school? Just put frozen peas in a container. They will thaw by the time you get somewhere. Great again for teething babies.
  • Trader Joe’s Green Juice or Naked Green Machine are pretty good ways to get some super foods and veggies into you tot. Super sweet and good for them. Highly recommended in our house.

So do you have any quick tips like that? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Kidlet Dinners: Random Tips

  • May 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Yes, peas! My child loves peas and will eat them before most things (other than cheddar crackers) on her table. I love the idea of draining soup for the stuff in it, too.

  • May 13, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    My quick tip is to always have whole wheat tortillas on hand. Ina bind for a side? Cut it up pizza style and throw it on a plate. Need a grab and go snack or breakfast? Fill it with peanut butter and mashed banana mixture, and roll it up. Want to give them something “new”? Give them a full tortilla and some ingredients and let them make a wrap…..warning: they might add humus, cucumbers and strawberries to the same roll-up but, they don’t have very discerning tastes 😛

    Another one to get them eating more veggies is to give them cut up raw veg with kermit dip – which is mashed avocado mised with greek yogurt. IT also works to dip those tortillas in 😀


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