Mann Clan May 2013

Don_t_let_my_shirt_fool_you_into_thinking_I_m_cheery._Stress_like_whoa.__officefashionshow__ootd__grumpycatfaceI’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been absent here. Life is busy right now. Really really busy. I hate not having time to write. I have 27 posts in drafts. That has never happened. I just get out of the shower and enter a title and a brain dump never to return. It sucks but it is what it is. I am not beating myself up over it…too much. My only real regret is not documenting the family goings on for future reference. Every once in awhile I see a post about Landon as a baby and remember why I started doing this. Even if it gets no traffic {yes, I watch traffic..I don’t feel bad about it} and no one else cares, I do. So I am going to try and be better about doing a monthly update about us all.

Me & K

  • 9 months on, 9 months off – Well I didn’t need the 9 months thanks to STRESS, STOMACH BUGS and SHINGLES, I lost the weight pretty quick. Add to that, I didn’t gain as much this go round. So HOORAY.
  • I got a promotion at work. Next level up {our titles are silly so I will spare you} but it is nice to see I am appreciated…especially after a year where I was gone for 10 weeks 🙂
  • We finally decided on a cleaning crew. They are cleaning as I type. Just straightening up for them to come helped clear my head a little. I am hoping this is a huge boost to our life.
  • We got a new TV because ‘Merica!
  • Kevin went out for a manager position at work and we are waiting to hear about that.


  • Landon is thriving in preschool. He loves his friends, teachers, learning…all of it.
  • He knows how to write his first and last name. Asks us to spell other names. He even made Ollie a card that we have now hung on his wall.
  • He knows most of this letters and numbers.
  • He is in love with Word Girl and we love her too. Every night he watches an episode before bed and then he, I and Ollie do the Captain Huggy Face dance. It is one of the highlights of my day. Ollie really dances too.
  • We are now planning a Word Girl/super heroes party for his birthday. If he still loves her at Halloween, we are going to have the BEST family costume set. SOMEONE INVITE US TO A PARTY.
  • He is very 3 some days. Complete with “I’m not talking to you” and “You are making me very cross”. Then he turns around to tell you “I Love You” randomly and want to snuggle. THREENAGER!
  • He still eats really well. He is more reluctant to try new things but our only rule is he has to try it. If he doesn’t like it, that’s ok. We rarely have a outright refusal.


  • He still only has 2 teeth and 2 huge bulges for his top front teeth. They have been swollen for months. Poor kid.
  • He went through a phase of really only wanting sweets and purees and now is back to eating everything with his hands. Thank lawdy.
  • He walrus crawls.
  • He says Mama and Dada. I don’t think he puts it to us, just his preferred sounds. He also makes motorboat noises when playing. You can hear in the video below.
  • He and Landon can now interact more including playing at the sand/water table and chasing each other. The other night they were on the deck. Ollie was watching K mow and I was watching from the kitchen. Landon was just playing and went over and said “Hey, my sweet baby.” and gave him a hug. Then walked away a few steps and went back and gave him a kiss on the head. He never knew I was watching. And now I am dead. DEAD FROM THE CUTENESS, I TELL YOU.
  • He sleeps from 7pmish to 7amish. It is glorious and I never take it for granted.
  • He is still getting about half breastmik and half formula a day. I still have a boat load in the freezer. I am forever grateful to Anna :).


  • He still loves his baby. Oliver’s favorite toy is his hot dog. So I throw for Jack, he brings it back and Oliver gets it. Rinse and repeat. I tried to get it on film but got this instead:

So that’s us. Soon I will come back up for air and get some new stuff out but for now I trudge along. Thanks for stickin around.

4 thoughts on “Mann Clan May 2013

  • May 24, 2013 at 4:25 am

    Congrats on the promotion and good luck to K on his. Glad to see that with all the stress (your IG post) that you still find light in the little things.

  • May 24, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    Enjoying life and family is the most important. I remind myself of that when I can’t get to blogging (which I totally can relate to enjoying that writing outlet and checking traffic 🙂 ). Way to go on the weight loss and promotion! Fingers crossed that K gets his too.

  • May 24, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    I really like your blog, but have never felt the need to comment until now, when that video of Ollie and Jack made my heart explode. The licks, the squeals, the happy kicks, the tiny fingers touching the doggie pads on his feet… thank you, I can now have a good weekend!


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