Workin’ It

_widn_work._Blarg_tagged_by__dianawroteEvery time I try and write a bio about myself, a short list of adjectives and nouns always seem to fall out onto the paper without much thought.



Hopeless nerd.


And then I have to think about my passions:

Helping moms.

PPD awareness.

Breastfeeding support.


But with both lists it always merges into my love for a community of working moms. It’s hard shit, y’all. Besides the obvious time crunch, there are pitfalls in being a working mama. How to cook in 30 minutes. How to maximize your time together as a family. How to still look cute. How to make friends. How to feel sexy. How to teach our kids independence. I love helping people and my own demographic is a great place to start.

Want to hear me ramble more about why I decided to work, why I keep doing it and where my motivation comes from, hop on over to Katie’s blog today where I am doing just that.

“…While I love providing my children with what they need to grow and all the love that goes with it, my brain needs more. It needs complex problems to solve in code. It needs creativity in web design. It needs an outlet to be me. Not mom. Not wife. Not activities director. But the nerd who does long division for fun. It is the pro and con of being an engineer. I need problems…so I can fix them. I’m sure there is a support group for this kind of thing but where’s the fun in that….” [keep reading]

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