Landon’s Book of the Week – I’m a Big Brother

WAAAAAAAAY back when, I did a series about Landon’s favorite books. I think I am going to bring that back to showcase some of the boys’ favorites. Of course now the focus is a little different. Landon seems to like ones he can “read” later. This is memorization and context clues but a step in the right direction.

So first up we have I’m A Big Brother by Randall Ronne & Kristina Stephenson

On top of the academic side of this, this week’s book has a mommy endorsement for all your folks out there with another baby on the way. Before Ollie was born, we collected some big brother type books to help explain what was going on. My mom got him this book and recently he has started loving it. All about how babies grow up and learn to play with them.

In “his” previous reviews, I talked for Landon but now he can speak for himself. Here he is telling you all about the book. {note we say Landon and Oliver over the character names. Sometimes I slip up and get a “Who’s Luke?”}

Mommy Thoughts: This is a great book to help explain the concept of a new brother to a toddler or preschooler. How a baby is going to be {floppy and boring} and then what it will be like once he starts growing {he’s going to take your shit}. Landon now loves to try and roll a ball with Ollie all because of this book. He kinda seems to get that Ollie grabbing his toys means he is ready to start playing with him. I can see the wheels turning.

P.S. I also recommend the Dr. Sears books(here and here) for a more technical explanation of what will happen when the baby gets here. It covers breastfeeding, mommy needing time with the baby and bonding with the baby. They are kinda long but cover a lot more than most.

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  • July 18, 2013 at 12:04 am

    I just got this book (on a whim and at a consignment store) and we’ve already read it a few times. Great recommendation!


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